Charlesthefirst; an iconic electronic audio engineer experimenter, has released a long-awaited single, “Out of the Dark,” OUT NOW on all platforms.

Photo Taken by Max Rainoldi

The track, “Out of the Dark,” is Charlesthefirsts’ first release of 2020; providing more of an ambiance he’s shown us in his sound design throughout the project. The intro of the song drew me in, as I just picture a bunch of B-roll footage of monstrous trees spanning afar in each direction.There’s just this sense of forest-like energy that radiates from this song; as if the sun was rising, shining through the pockets of the forest. There’s something about Charlesthefirsts’ style and sound that encloses me in another reality; and I’m all for it. The beginning of the song starts off rather calm, blended with an array of melodies that soothe the mind, while keeping that low-end beat we all know and love from Charlesthefirst. As “Out of the Dark” plays through, I envision a journey; one that is filled with endless curiosity for adventure; wanting to ask myself questions as we are met with vocals from Renee King. The vocals are rather faint and hard to hear what exactly she says, but it makes you wonder; which adds to the adventure! I personally enjoy music that takes you on a ride to a different reality. As we get near the end of the song and towards the end of the adventure, the melodies pick up, giving me this eerie sensation as we are led into the drop. The drop is jam-packed with hard-hitting, bone-chilling ambient music that is promising to fill the room with his sounds. I love that his music can be used in different scenarios, making the music versatile to whatever it is that you may be feeling.

Picture Taken by Shai Ben-David

All-in-all, Charlesthefirsts’ “Out of the Dark,” is a song listeners should preview. From warm, calm melodies, to chilling melodies at the drop; the song takes you on a ride no one is prepared for. Sit back, turn the volume up, and preview this song to see for yourself!


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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