TVBOO drops his second annual Thanksgiving Mix, Stuff Me Vol. II and boy did he stuff it to the max! To help promote this new mix CRAWDADDY had a handful of his closest haters come and tell you how bad this mix is before hand, an impressive bunch the likes including Wreckno, Dirt Monkey, Peekaboo, Bawldy, Sfam, & BUKU who seemed to have the crowd favorite with “MY BOI CAN’T READ!”

TVBOO does more than just stringing together clips of his friends for promotion, he also samples the audio from them to watermark the mix throughout! Masterfully mixing a variety of his own music as well as many of the aforementioned artists and friends involved with the watermark/promo vids; TVBOO also includes many classics of a wide variety including a Kid Cudi remix, a “WAP” edit/double, “Bartender” – T-Pain ft Akon, “Halo” – Beyonce, “Drown” – Bring me the Horizon, & “Losing my mind” – Falling in Reverse as well as many others.

“I like that, but can you make it more wonky? YESSIR!”

From Tvboo’s Facebook page

This thing is bound to become an instant Thanksgiving classic for the family to gather around each year.  Nothing says family gathering like some stuffing, mac and cheese, and some wonky wubs.  TVBOO has been really hitting the scene with a force in the last few years and has no signs of slowing down.  From his humble beginnings of the gulf south, he has risen to prominence to play on some massive stages and venues.  Paired along with his podcast, TVLKS with TVBOO, this Mississippi boy is touching on all the right notes to gain a long-lasting presence in the industry. 

“TVBOO SUCKS” – sfam

“No, he really does suck and this mix blows.” – Dirt Monkey

This mix hits nicely with a seamless blend of trap, wook noises, and a dash of emo; because what mix wouldn’t be complete without emo?  Peppered in are TVBOO’s signature weirdness and some lovely messages from his friends in the industry such as Champagne Drip, Boogie T, DMVU, and many more. Slap on the stretchy pants, throw on your bib, and dig into this fat mix.  It’s not only filling and satisfying, but it’ll leave you wanting seconds.


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