M3NACE further paves his path with his debut EP, Danger Zone. This 3 track heater easily lives up to the name so that you are properly warned on what’s to come. M3NACE grew up in a small town in Louisiana, but his drive and inspirations quickly took him out of there and landed him in LA where he attended a little place you may have heard of, The Icon Collective

It was there M3NACE honed in on his passion and talent to create. He has already had some big releases under his belt this year, introducing the masses to his sound on “Super Saiyan,” “Know My Name” and “Seduction.” His sound definitely takes influences from Wooli and Excision but he sprinkles his own flair on top of it, especially with his lyrical work on the majority of his tracks. That is indeed him rapping. 

Coming out swinging “Human Torch” is M3nace’s way of saying FLAME ON to open up the EP like the gates of hell. He smoothly builds his flow up as the beat meticulously brews in the background, only to have that energy rebound with the full force of Newton’s Law on the drop to bounce your head all around. “Danger Zone,” the titular track, builds off of that same raw out the start energy that makes you wanna just jump up and get into a mosh pit immediately. M3nace actually refers to the front of his crowds during his set as his “Danger Zone,” because it is here where his most loyal, and lethal, fans take up residence to support him. The track is the perfect anthem to keep their energy level over 9,000. “Get ‘Em” closes out the EP, but if you thought you were going to get a breather you clearly haven’t been following the theme. Though M3NACE does offer up a taste of his more melodic side on this one, but only to just offer you enough time to grab a water and rehydrate before giving the green light for pure bass destruction.     

Releasing this EP to me means that all my hard work since I started producing can be out to the public showcasing how versatile I can be. I can also put these projects behind me that way I can focus on new material and honing in on my sound and my craft for 2021.

For 2021, my goals are to improve in sound design and have a much quicker workflow so I can punch out more tunes. Also, I want to step into new lanes and branch out even further to different genres and styles to find out who M3NACE really is.


Photo from M3NACE Facebook

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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