This year’s installment of Black Label’s ‘Black Ops’ series, their big yearly compilation focusing on riddim, heavy bass and tearout, features Syzy‘s beautiful-yet-destructive “Yakisoba”, an aptly-named ear cuisine that injects the perfect high-knee form into anyone who listens. “Yakisoba” includes Papa Khan-esque “Piano Roll Abuse” early on, and creates this pretty, happy atmosphere before the spice kicks in. The roar or screech that leads you into the drop and periodically resurfaces is one of many highlights, alongside the absolutely mind-blowing and numerous drops delivered straight from Syzy‘s creative brain.

This year’s comp is picked and mixed by Pittsburgh-native Akeos, the destructive dubstep aficionado behind tracks like ‘Toll Gate’ and ‘Derma Crush’ and whose been on a tear all year. Never Say Die‘s yearly ‘Black Ops’ series has put the community on some of the best up-and-coming artists each year, and the newest installment only doubles-down on the trend.

Yakisoba’ was a really fun track to make. I was fortunate because I ended up finishing this track in about 5 hours. It’s very rare I have good creative days like that, so it’s best to take advantage of them when they come around. Big ups to Akeos and NSD for organizing this compilation and bringing some lesser known artist the spotlight they deserve!

– Syzy

I could not keep count with how many breakdowns and drops there were throughout, but God damn, each drop feels so unique from each other and compliment each other in ways I haven’t heard all year. Syzy’s sound design is mind-breakingly good, and I’ve repeatedly been coming back to the one synthwave-style synth that takes over outside of the drops. The outro is easily my favorite from any track all year, and I fully expect it to be flipped into lo-fi soon. There’s just so much to love about ‘Yakisoba’, with each and every section masterfully made and Syzy‘s passionate double-down on the atmosphere and emotion’s throughout. Hype maxed to 11, yet still beautiful beyond doubt, ‘Yakisoba’ is a 5-minute journey unmatched that we implore you to begin.

Not gonna lie, when I got the offer to do this I was extremely surprised but also excited. Generally the idea was to have a lot of friends/insane producers have a chance to be involved with this somehow either if it was the mix or the actual compilation, I’d highly suggest to follow said artists asap because they all will be cranking out crazy tunes and be the ones to watch next year. ❤

– Akeos

Click that pre-save link below to get the ENTIRE Black Ops XL III compilation as soon as it drops, and give Syzy a follow on his socials linked below!


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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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