FuntCase; a man of massive influence in Dubstep, announced news of starting a record label, DPMO Records. This is HUGE news for artists that has been a long time coming. To add to all the excitement, FuntCase has released a 4-track EP, Corruption, to kick off all the excitement. The EP includes collaborations by artists Yakz, Versa, Jus Rival, Jkyl & Hyde and Stoned LeveL. Let’s dive in shall we?

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

The first track off the EP is with none other than Versa called, “Kill Confirmed.” The track starts off with an alarm that goes off, already keeping me on my toes. It then builds up the intensity as you’re met at the drop with someone saying, “Death Machine spinning up,” then hits you with a finger gun inducing drop; ready to stop anyone in your path…or in the pit.

Next up from the first EP release on DPMO Records is a collaboration with Yakz and Jus Rival, “Bodying.” It begins with some UK Grime that we have all known and enjoyed throughout FuntCase’s discography. As the grime continues, the intensity increases. The drop seeps under your skin and sends chills throughout your body with immense womps filling the room. Following the intensity brought to you at the drop, the sounds take you for a ride through an array of different sounds and melodies. This is easily one of my favorite tracks off the, Corruption EP. A lot of the sounds following the drop gave a very riddim-esque chill on my skin that had me bouncing all around the room. I see this being included on many artists libraries; eager to rinse it at the next show.

“Transmission” a collaboration with Jkyl & Hyde begins with hearing a voice from a woman who, “has a feeling of cold on my back,” as if setting the stage for something eerie to occur. Following the strange voices are a set of melodies and creepy sounds that keep you on your toes as the song continues its twist in the strange. You arrive to the build-up of the track with gut-wrenching, tear-out sounds that ensues into monstrous screeches and melodies, ready to rip your guts out and smear it all over your face.

The final song on the EP, “Wolfpack,” is a collab with Stoned LeveL. It continues the journey into the creepy with a series of scary and daunting sounds. You’re met at the build up with someone in the song talking about, “like a pack of wolves, they circle the area…its time to send out the bodies…TO THE PIT” as you’re met at the drop with screeches and bass kicks that will shake your room’s foundation. The build ups remind me so much of FuntCase’s previous sounds we have heard throughout his project; keeping the roots alive. This collaborations is definitely one to preview.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

All-in-all, the EP announcement following the news of DPMO Records was a huge success. Each track on the, Corruption EP, had meticulous influences from all artists involved to survey you a series of tracks that’s bound to keep you intrigued on what DPMO is all about; and the man behind it all.

To add the icing on the cake, Insomniac and the DPMO Crew have decided to launch a Record Stream Party later this evening with sets from FuntCase, Jkyl & Hyde, Sweettooth, and Yakz at 8PM PST (, that I highly recommend watching this evening.

Be sure to preview the new, Corruption EP, on DPMO Records down below!


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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