Austin-based dubstep label Silent Motion are no slouches when it comes to bringing the heat and respect to the genre. Touting deeper dubstep and artists from around the globe, they have been putting out bangers for the last few years. Their newest release this week definitely goes along the same path. This week they will be kicking off Dub-cember with a banger of an EP from Dutch producer, ZiEK. This EP also features two heavy hitters of the scene Kodama and Mesck. We have the privilege of premiering Kodama‘s unique remix of one of ZiEK’s tracks named Plak off this upcoming record.

Picture Credit: Kodama Instagram

An all-out assault of bass, it’s not your brother’s typical dubstep. This is much truer to the roots and origins of where dubstep began, as are Silent Motion’s typical releases. This track is MEATY with super plucky tones, an infectious beat that drives the entire thing through, and of course THAT BASS. Certified heat and an instant favorite that pays respect to the original track by ZiEK on the EP. While the original was much darker, Kodama turned it down into a more subtle simmer. While still staying true to the original, he was still able to make it his own in a unique style.

“Crowded” … [is] our latest installment which takes us on a journey through [ZiEK’s] realm of darkness

Silent Motion

This track merely whets the appetite for the EP that drops this Friday, December 4th. Make sure you keep an ear out on Silent Motion socials for the release and pre-save and follow along for more sounds just like this.

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