Subtronics announced news that took his listeners, and Twitter, by storm; his new label Cyclops Recordings. The mission of the label is to, “Explore new sounds and ideas.. selecting fresh, cutting-edge, inspiring bass music…every release is going to be curated towards forward thinking & inspiring new styles,” as according to the announcement video posted by Subtronics. Before that video, multiple artists had began to receive encrypted emails that called them for a mission and many were taken back as it flooded the EDM Twitter-sphere…

Luckily it was just SGT. Subtronics, reporting everyone for duty.

I think this is a huge step for fresh talent that is about to arise going into the next year. In the announcement video, Subtronics mentioned how hard him and the team have been working to curate a place for talent across the spectrum of bass music to have the opportunity to take their project to the next level.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

Following the announcement of the label has to mean new music too right? We are informed through the video of a “New mission,” available TODAY Friday, December 4th. In addition to the mission, Subtronics has announced he has, “three new tracks coming next week,” just moments ago; adding to the suspense with the fresh label previously announced. This is big news for the Bass Community, along with the following years to come.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

Be sure to keep up to date on Subtronics‘ new label, Cyclops Recordings, for their fresh releases to kick things off!

Cyclops Recordings

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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