2020 may have been filled with much chaos and craziness, but that hasn’t stopped the music industry from spawning new breakout artists. And that’s exactly the case with new breakout star NUU$HI. NUU$HI (real name Nuushi Harada) is a multiracial Bass artist born and raised in Japan, and is also a member of ARANCK Collective. Being a 3rd generation musician within his family, he draws his inspiration from places such as Jamaica, China and Japan. His musical adventure began when he was inspired by the powerful sounds of both Noisia and Moody Good. But it wasn’t until after seeing Flume and San Holo that Nuu$hi began incorporating more melodic elements to his sound. With over 10+ years of DAW experience, Nuu$hi strives to put the Japanese Bass music scene on the map, all while educating others towards the goal of reaching a top notch sound. But not only is Nuu$hi a skilled producer, he also cooks up a mean curry! For now, he’s cooked up six tracks of melodic goodness in the form of his Fairy Tale EP. Let’s dive into it below.


The EP begins with the sounds of nice relaxing waves washing up up onshore of a beach, accompanied by a sweet melody, only to buildup into an almost Future Bass/Dubstep-infused drop. This track is a great way to start of the EP, as it showcases NUU$HI‘s productive prowess. Especially since NUU$HI has also been known for a type of Future Riddim sound from time to time. “Unrequited” is a nice melody driven Future Bass style track. Honestly hearing this track only made me wishful to one day hear a collab between NUU$HI and Fransis Derelle. This song just makes you feel good in an uplifting way. The drop even gives off that Future Riddim vibe once more.


“Daydreamer” is a fast yet hype Electro track that has a colorful soundscape to it. It’s deeply enjoyable for it only being less than three minutes in length. “Dancing In The Rain” follows it up with even more flourishing styles in sound. NUU$HI has this sense of power within his music, and I absolutely love that. They just radiate with such sensation. But it’s “Glitter” that truly shines almost above the rest for me. Featuring Moyashi, “Glitter” gives off Electro festival/stadium vibes, which has a semi buildup that immediately drops you into what sounds like pixelated madness. The track itself is simply a triumphant hurrah to NUU$HI‘s style. The claps that take place within it to help with the buildup only make it even more grand. That second drop really makes the Future Riddim presence known. Closing out this phenomenal EP, “Tsubaki” ends things with a roaring bang. You’ll definitely have to listen to this track again just to catch all the sounds you may have missed the first time. That’s something I really grew to appreciate with this EP. Overall, NUU$HI himself has more than proven himself to be a promising new artist with this EP alone. We’re eager to see how far he goes in 2021.

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