The ruinous, rising artist out of Florida, SWARM, once again blows our minds with the emotion-capturing “Fury,” a dark and destructive force that instills fury and fire straight into your bloodstream. Incorporating an extremely tense sound atmosphere, SWARM adds Mongol throat-singing, and the hardest hitting drums you can get, to create a supremely cataclysmic track. The “Pioneer of Dark” has repeatedly scratched the darker itch we all have, especially with his last EP, Eat Me Alive, and ‘Fury’ is no exception to this. Click the play button below, and enjoy putting holes in your wall courtesy of SWARM, whose not liable for damages to property!

SWARM‘s ability to encapsulate this furious emotion into a 4~ minute injection of anger and despair, as well as the ability to create devastatingly dark sounds and songs, is quite literally unmatched. The throat-singing creates such a haunting start, and being accompanied by the riser right into a deadly sequence of scary sounds and nice spooky vocals just amplifies the feeling of ‘Fury’ that SWARM delivers on so well. Each drop is almost soul-crushing in how distorted and down-right scary they are, and it absolutely feels like you’re slowly getting more and more angry while listening. The unsung hero has to be the drums, for the added crushing of our souls that each hit brings, although I have to say throat-singing was unexpected but AMAZING in terms of what it does for “Fury.” Once again, SWARM delivers a perfectly dreadful track to listeners worldwide, and we couldn’t be more happy to hear it.

Follow the legend himself on his socials linked below, and keep an eye out for his rib-breaking comedy sketches!

Connect with Swarm

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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