The dance music duo Sam Walker and Gavin Royce , a.k.a. Walker & Royce, dropped their latest single “Need2Freak.” The track, released via the admired Dirtybird Records, is a tech-house gem sure to leave you with the need to let go and dance your troubles away. Walker & Royce keep returning each time with incredibly unique sounds!  Over the past decade, the New York pair has gained a ton of popularity among the electronic scene and for good reason.

Photo taken from Walker & Royce’s Facebook.

The intro to the “Need2Freak” grooves into lyrics that purely matches the soulful beat it follows. One of my favorite being, “I will never stop dancing.” “Need2freak” is layered with echoed synths combined with the futuristic sound within the voice singing, giving the the song a heavier feel and thumping beats. The duo unifies the tracks’ deep house genre with a heavy disco sound, drawing attention to Walker & Royce’s emotive element they seem to always bring within their course. Listen to the original mix now through the SoundCloud link below!

Be sure to watch out for more of Walker & Royce! Its no secret they never disappoint.


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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