The collaboration across the seas, “Anarchy” brings two rising power-house artists together in Nikademis and BADVOID on a potent orchestral-midtempo track. Both Nikademis and BADVOID have more than proven their talents, with the former remixing for Big Gigantic and the latter having support from industry super stars like Zeds Dead and WHIPPED CREAM, and both only continue to level up as shown with this latest collab. Incorporating an orchestral introduction that serves to build up the tension as well as setting the tone, “Anarchy” wastes no time in bringing the Nikademis-BADVOID aggressive, metallic bass straight to your face. Strap in and listen to the pair’s absolutely mind-boggling chune down below!

While both BADVOID and Nikademis are killer with that aggressive midtempo sound, it’s that distorted breakdown that blew me out of the water. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a Nikademis breakdown [a la “Lights Out”] that heavily incorporates BADVOID‘s disgusting sound design ability to really push this to a level I’ve yet to hear. However, each drop is *chefs kiss* in their own way, and you’ll find that each is different from one another while keeping the same feel and texture, giving the track unparalleled continuity throughout your listen. If you’re liking “Anarchy,” make sure you give both artists’ other tracks a listen! I promise you’ll find a couple new tracks to add to your playlists, as well as becoming a fan of 2 artists you’ll be hearing more of regardless.

Connect with Nikademis

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Connect with BADVOID

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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