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potions is a producer from Santa Cruz, California; he is a co-founder in the multimedia aggregate LAB GROUP also founded by CharlestheFirst and Supertask. potions just uploaded a 25 minute mix made of 14 unreleased originals, 2 collaborations; 1 which features Charlesthefirst with the other featuring Tiedye Ky; and some edits & remixes.

“This year has been hell. I made a lot of these during the beginning of lockdown, before the album I am working on had much direction. I guess in some ways a lot of the solo tunes are B sides or incomplete demos but they feel special and important to me. I hope they find you all well…cant wait to share the new project with you all”


I personally love “Unreleased or Incomplete Incantations & Formulae” and have listened to this mix on repeat since it dropped, I’ve been fond of potions since the creation/start of LAB GROUP. My favorite track is the last song in the mix, the collab with Tiedye Ky, “ECBWCW” an acronym for east coast boy west coast world. potions has mentioned it will “prolly get a legit release eventually.” I like the entire mix for a few reasons, first it does well highlighting and accenting the strength of potions eclectic sound with many different influences being apparent. Second, it serves as a great product of work that might’ve otherwise gone without proper appreciation, and lastly gives the listener an opportunity to better understand what’s to come or look forward to from the potions project.

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If you were as pleased with “Unreleased or Incomplete Incantations & Formulae” as I was, and need more potions, he also released a 5 song EP entitled They Will Never Find Me Here. Released about 7 months prior to this mix it is all complete and mastered to perfection; I think you might also enjoy, so be sure to check that out ASAP!

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