The iconic dubstep experimenter Marauda, has released yet another ground-breaking track, “Future Stomp,” OUT NOW on Malignant Records. Prepare your ears for what’s about to come next..

Picture Taken by Andrew Freeman

Marauda‘s, “Future Stomp,” immediately caught my attention; as the song begins with eerie sounds; as if you’re about to meet your doom; following the drop. Marauda‘s latest release has blown his listeners away with immense unique sound design we all know and love. The drop is jam-packed with intense bass kicks that fill the room; unleashing the machine guns that once was your hands. The song time and time again has me gain a sense of nostalgia; eager to hear this played at a live event show; post apocalyptical times we call the pandemic. This was one of Marauda‘s heavier tracks; and I absolutely love it; as I’m sure the rest of his listeners do too; from comments made on the exclusive post via SoundCloud. I have a feeling this song is going to be rinsed consistently throughout the following year. Young Hamish surely outdid himself on his latest release; with constant positive feedback on all platforms. He has surely went for an adventure into his sound design and we (his listeners) are all for it.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

All-in-all, Marauda‘s Future Stomp,” is a massive success. The track is OUT NOW on Malignant Records. I highly believe anyone who loves dubstep, will love this release.. With action-packed intensity throughout the song, this one just hits different.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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