Cyclops Recordings BOOT CAMP – PSYCHEDELIC DIVISION was dropped early on Soundcloud, a massive 7 track release including some of the biggest names in underground sound! The full drop will happen Friday and will include 6 tracks from BOOT CAMP – HIGH KNEES HEADQUARTERS! Among the ranks of the Psychedelic Division are the likes of Chee, EAZYBAKED, MOLOKAI, Saka, Abelation, smith., G-Space, Cavemen, BLVNKSPVCE, & Kill Feed!

photo from Soundcloud

The first song on the release is a collab featuring Chee & the Commander in Chief himself; Subtronics! I’ve personally been anticipating it’s release after it was first heard in “NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL RIDDIM VOL. 4”. I remember listening to it on repeat at different volumes trying to hear the watermark “hey, this is Chee & you’re listening to Subtronics“, I just had to know who’s collab it was. Let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! “Point Breeze” underwent quite the upgrade since “NTWICR4”, and I am obsessed again with this hefty finished version!

“Killjoy” the second song on the Psychedelic Division release is a collaborative effort of 3, EAZYBAKED (Lostdogz), MOLOKAI (Spicy Bois), & Saka! It features a groovy bassline that is accented by a plethora of odd sounds that all come together for very well produced sounding track! I really enjoyed hearing all of their styles come together in this one!

photo from Soundcloud

Abelation (Lostdogz) murders you with his track “Killin’ Em”, the fourth track on the Psychedelic Division side. It is a nutty track full of wet sounding ripples and packed to the max with a mix of strange sounds and bass lines might literally leave you dizzy! Watch out for this is one it might be one of best Abelation drops you’ve ever heard yet!

This next track has been sweeping in popularity, getting played in conjunction with “Swing” by Savage. smith.‘s “swing” is the 5th track featured in Cyclops Recordings BOOT CAMP – PSYCHEDELIC DIVISION, it features a bass boosted bass line as well many other accenting sounds and a mean steady hitting snare.

photo from Soundcloud

The 6th track i feel a little biased to because i seem to be unavoidable impressed with G-Space and this collab with Cavemen (Towers + Hideaway) is no different. I enjoy the musicality of “On The Block” and that’s hard to say because all the musicality surrounding this track is also very impressive. Still there’s always going to be a place in my heart for sound that is both musical in a more classic sense while simultaneously a much more modern sense also; in combination with those baseline wobbles; just awesome sounding!

“Component-17” by BLVNKSPVCE come in as the 7th track featured and it feels like maybe this single could have gone in either bootcamp. It smacks you with the beeps and boops but after listening to it a few times through it’s clear why it ended up on this side of the division. The accents to the melody give it a must more extraterrestrial feel and I’m glad it’s in the Psychedelic Division where it belongs.

photo from Soundcloud

Last and most certainly not least comes the 8th track by Kill Feed, “Foolish”. This one quickly became one of my favorites because of how much i loved it’s swagger. This hard hitting track just makes you wanna move, it can’t wait to see a crowd reaction from this one! Heavy with a load of weird sounds that gets you to groove is always going to be a winning combination!

Cyclops Recordings is sure to make history this Friday with this colossal duel BOOT CAMP release. It makes me ecstatic for what this new record label has instore for the future, if you enjoyed this pre-release as much as I did be sure to give all these incredibly talented artist a follow!


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Soundcloud Facebook Twitter | SpotifyInstagram | Website | Bandcamp 


Soundcloud Facebook Twitter | Spotify Instagram | Bandcamp 


Soundcloud Facebook Twitter | Spotify Instagram | Bandcamp 


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Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Instagram

Kill Feed

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