As one project comes to an end, another arises from within. The well-known sound engineer whom created the project, “L.U.X,” has undergone a switch in his direction of sound; a direction that includes levels of personal interest from years before. Upon his journey moving to the United States from the Middle East, he felt a much needed shift in his music. Then, the Elizra project was born. We were able to acquire a few words from the man himself on the major change in his musical journey:

Taken by Nathen Lane Media

“Switching from L.U.X to Elizra was a much needed shift in my musical journey. The name Elizra originates from my ancestors in Northern Africa. Elizra is not only a part of my musical path, but will also help me portray a more authentic side of the style of music I am creating. The melodic influences in this release have been in the back of my mind since I first started my musical journey. This is the music I have been aspiring to create for years.”


Elizra moved to the U.S. as soon as his Visa was granted, eager to begin a new chapter in his life. While these times may have been a very stressful for many people across the globe, this was a relatively good year for him; as one chapter ends and another begins.

Following the announcement of changes Elizra is providing through his new styles of melodies and sound, comes the first release under the project: “Visions,” EP; a melodic side he has wanted to dive into for years now. The four tracks on the EP portray unique sounds that captivate your ears and really digs deep within you; a nice touch to a relatively stressful time for many. You can feel the emotion flow throughout each song as you listen from start to finish. Let’s dive into the tracks on the EP shall we? It’s definitely full of surprises.

The first track off the EP was actually the name of the EP itself: “Visions.” The song begins with an array of soothing melodies following a voice by none other than Elizra! The vocals start off saying, “Cut my life I’m bleeding slow, feel my heartbeat break my bones, tried my best to let you go..” As the vocals play out, the music starts intensifying; Meeting you face to face with the drop. It’s an eclectic set of sounds that put you in a trance and keep you locked in your seat. I love how he used some of his previous influence in this track. Here’s what Elizra had to say about it:

Vision is a song heavily influenced by “Another Day,” which is my most successful tune as L.U.X. I have been working for months on creating my take on the perfect fusion of melodic and heavy music and I really think Vision accomplished that. This track becomes even more special to me because for the first time, I used my own vocals in my music. It makes it incredibly personal and unique

The following track on the EP was another original, “Runaway.” It begins with a woman talking about running away, but stating reasons to stay. The vocals were immensely soothing to hear, as you could feel the emotions being dug up from inside you. The drop has sounds that give me chills throughout my body. I love the originality you can hear in his sound design and style.

This particular song came up while I was experimenting with a more melodic style I aspired to create. Runaway has a simple, but unique flow that elevates it into a recognizable style by my new alias, Elizra.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

The next track off the EP is, “Hung Up.” An original that just hits different on the dance floor. With unique sounds meticulously created through his new direction in the project, Elizra incorporates another style of electronic bass music into this track. This track was in particular, one which Elizra discovered some things about himself. Here’s what he had to say..

I have never spent more time and effort on a track than this one. Working on Hung Up eventually led me to a pivotal moment in my career where I knew I needed to continue creating this style of music. This song also features some of my own vocals, which again I am very proud of.”

The last song on the EP was one that took me on an adventure through time and space, “Terrestrial.” Intergalactic noises sound off to start the song, leading into a drop that stands out from the rest of the tracks on the EP. A mix of melodic beats and a steady bass kick to keep your foot tapping..

I was never a House guy. All of my life, I have heard a ton of music and have taken inspiration and influence from various genres — except House Music. Suddenly, it just came to me. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun creating this track and I can’t believe I haven’t ever made this style before.

Overall, the announcement of LUX‘s new project, Elizra, along with the release of an EP has tons of surprises in store for you. Especially as Elizra begins to embark on this new journey through music. The “Vision,” EP is one worth previewing as I know each track will captivate you in its own way; different from the next.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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