San Diego-based TSU NAMI just dropped a dope lil’ dance track titled “Faster”, and while it’s not the typical sound I listen to, I literally cannot help but listen to it two or three times any time it comes on. The track has a very upbeat feel under lyrics about running faster and faster, as if you’re seemingly being chased by something or someone. Everything about this track is immaculate, but if I had to pick my favorite part, it’s got to be the plucky synth leads throughout that are so elegantly blended into the rest of the track. Check out “Faster” below, and be prepared to get up and groove!

I want to preface the rest of this by saying this is absolutely not the type of sound I usually listen to, but it’s easily the catchiest song I’ve heard all year. The groove, the lyrics, everything blends together so well into this vibey, dance-inducing track that is just so, so easy on the ears and injects this happy feeling straight into your bones. TSU NAMI‘s been on fire all year, but I’ve been sending “Faster” to literally anyone and everyone I think would dig it, including friends outside of dance music (and they love it!). If you’re gonna do anything today, give this track a chance and catch the fever!

Lob TSU NAMI a couple follows down below, and catch that infectious vibe that’s prevalent in quite literally all of her tracks!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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