Lubbock-based Alkm3 just put out a beautiful future-bass track titled ‘One Love’, a pure single that incorporates lovely leads and perfect lyrics, creating a sound environment that WILL pick you up when you listen. The lyrics speak to you, and touch your heart in a way that feels so special. They speak on what is also the title, ‘One Love’, and the emotional feelings that being in love brings as well as how crazy it can feel for anyone to be in pure, all-catching love. Out now on Hot Out the Oven Records, Alkm3‘s ‘One Love’ is absolutely a track you need to press the play button on and just sit back and listen to. Future-Bass isn’t typically something I enjoy this much, but this track hits so good and is such a nice pick-me-up. Great work, Alkm3!

Everything about this track is pretty lovely, using the usual grand piano to set a very pop tone to the track and synths that create that *chefs kiss* Future-Bass sound we love. A spot I loved was in the final drop, you can hear the lyrics [and title] ‘One Love’ repeating and panning across under that slapper of a drop, adding another layer of allure to this already beautiful track. For myself, ‘One Love’ has steady been on repeat for the last week or so, and I find that I genuinely feel like I’m falling in love with the track itself. Odd, maybe, but Alkm3 really and sincerely delivered a beauty, one that I’ll be encouraging my friends to give a listen to.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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