Ivy Lab never fails to deliver a unique and funky sound sure to leave you confused and craving more. And this final installment of their three part series is no exception. The London duo released three EPs over a 3-month period, proving no pandemic will stop them from indulging themselves into your music library. Fidget and Teacup, parts 1 and 2 of the series, both blew me away, as Ivy Lab tends to do. But Blonde chewed me up and spit me back out to a world of dark bass lines, exciting vocal-chords and fun textures that is truly something special.

“Husk” opens the EP with a dark and reverberating bassline that pulls you in before the 30 second mark. Leading us into heart pounding percussion and an angelic sample of vocals, you can almost feel the sound pumping through your body. Fading us softly into the next song, which helps keep the vibe on track from the jump.

“Q.Nix” Solidifies the dark and eerie vibe you thought this EP was diving into. Opening with a slow and ominous piano you can’t help but dig deeper into the voids Ivy Lab is tearing through on this project. The soft vocal samples amplify that eerieness and pull you a little further in, right as the track comes to a close and softly intros you into the next.

 “Start the Clock” is a lighter sound with the same dark undertones to continue with the deep flow Ivy Lab hit right on the nose in this EP. They jump right into the next track, “Gopher” which is an intense mixture of cavernous bass and powerful chants that brings a very uplifting feel to the otherwise moody project. 

(Photo by aurorafortunata on IG) “Consider it Fidget & Teacup’s grumpier, grey-weather cousin” Ivy Lab said about Blonde on their twitter a few days before the release.

The title and also the closing track on this EP “Blonde” is the lightest on the project. Overwhelming you with airy melodies and letting you melt away, completely losing yourself in the soft conclusion to this masterpiece.

Whether you’re a seasoned Ivy Lab fan from the start, or they are a new discovery you found yourself indulging in over the quarantine, Blonde is a piece of work we can all love and dive into.

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Posted by:Mangz

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