With her last track of the year, TRIPLESICKZ once more creates a hauntingly-dark sound environment. Reminiscent of a necromancer-owned church, “Requiem” contains haunting vocals and lyrics over the increasingly perilous sound environment created by TRIPLESICKZ, and that second drop has me literally disassociating into a possessed graveyard. The Rhode Island-based artist has practically mastered this haunting feel to her tracks, and “Requiem” is quickly becoming my favorite chill-inducing track coming out of her dark and twisted mind. If you’re up for it, go ahead and click that play button. But heed this warning: “Requiem” is a TRIPLESICKZ spooky masterpiece, and is absolutely capable of bringing about a ghost or two to haunt you for as long as you live.

Something about TRIPLESICKZ take on this haunting, dark, and downright scary vibe has me in awe. Every track continues to be just as good, if not better, than the one released before it, and each one is always so very blood-curdling. The dark-church styled vocal adds an element of spook that is delivered on so well, as well as the lyrics early on setting a dreadful tone that the rest of the track basically dials to 11. Each drop is devastatingly impactful, and frightfully so, genuinely causing me to decouple into a graveyard. TRIPLESICKZ has quickly become one of my favorite artists to listen to, as she just delivers so damn well on this darker vibe that I love to listen to. “Requiem” is dreadfully scary, yet so tasteful and fulfilling that I simply will not take it off repeat for the next day or so.

Make sure to give her a follow on her socials linked below, and keep an eye out for things coming out of her camp at the start of 2021!


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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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