Vancouver-based Coka Cobra dropped “Wind Up”, and I’ve been hyped up ever since. Introducing us with an eastern-styled vocal that hums in the background, “Wind Up” is a trap-house track like I’ve never heard before. Using this vocal, he also incorporates some an eastern-style drum pattern before dropping us head-first into life-changing drops. This track has the LARGEST drops, with a sound at the start of each that I literally cannot explain or put into words as well as a bit of distortion here and there that really adds to the hype in the track. Out now for your listening pleasure on CONFESSION, ‘Wind Up’ is some hard house that is a MUST listen. Run that play button ’til it’s broken!

Coka Cobra has got to start coming with banger alerts. Like I was saying earlier, that sound that I cannot explain is so thick and fat, and the way it rolls down into off-beat and repeat is just out of this world insanity. ‘Wind Up’ is a whole highlight in-and-of itself, and it makes it so hard to pick out a singular part to highlight [other than that thicccc rolling sound in the drops]. That trap breakdown is extra sick too, but again, this track is so hype-inducing and aggressively fun that I just can’t pick a spot or two that stands out to me. Great work, Coka Cobra, and I can’t wait to hear more from you!

Slap this artist with some follows, ‘Wind Up’ is just one of many dope tracks coming out of their corner!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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