Everyone knows the classic “Electric Feel” by MGMT. I couldn’t be the only one running around begging for someone to shock me like an electric eel. Kind of felt like the soundtrack to so many of our teenage angst years. But, XO Eliza, a 24 year old from Los Angeles decided to take a fun twist with this already iconic track. She sprinkles an electronic take, adding fun melodies and keyboard chords mixed with her own especial vocals. It came to fruition in ways I truly wasn’t expecting.

It opens with a fun and intense synth heavy intro, melting you right into Eliza‘s light and dreamy vocals. The chorus hits with an extremely melodic texture of sounds. Filling you with joy, almost like you’re skipping towards the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with your one true love in hand, not a care in the world. It’s a feel-good sound that’s gotta be on your next road trip playlist.

“I have always loved the song ‘Electric Feel’ By MGMT, no matter where I am when I hear it, it always transports me to a place like no other.”
(Photo By Anastasia Velicescu)

Eliza is still a fairly new artist, but has come out the gates swinging, and she hasn’t missed yet. Her first track with Barely Alive, Know You Better, came out on the Disciple Alliance Vol 6 and was the same retro, airy beauty we heard on this track.

“I’m a sucker for pop music but with a little bit of spice.”

XO Eliza

With that said, we can expect more of the fun poppy sound from her in the coming future. Looking forward to hearing much more from Eliza and hopefully with a greater range of artists, too! Because after this cover, I truly can’t get enough. Stay up to date with XO Eliza and all her future music treasures on social media.


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Posted by:Mangz

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