Headbang Society is all hands on deck with this latest release of Thicc Boy and his insane talent in his debut EP, Ghost Ship. However, one song sticks out the most on this three track playlist… “Ghost Ship” ain’t for the weak hearted as it is as deep dubstep and experimental bass as you can get. This song blows all expectations out of water. So go ahead, listen and shake that pirate booty.

As the track begins, did you catch that voice over? Am I the only one who screamed? Captain Jack Sparrow makes a pleasant appearance on the track which details the effort put into the time and craftmanship that Connor Eldridge aka Thicc Boy put into making this track. Now, things begin to get wonky as the song progresses and you even catch another voice over from Barbosa as well! My Pirates of the Caribbean dreams are coming true just by playing this track on repeat.

To me this EP is about a new beginning for the Thicc Boy project! I look at Ghost Ship as sort of a maiden voyage show casing where I’ve come from production wise and a jumping off point for where I will continue to journey and grow with my sound and project!

This song is twisted, funny, and sexy to listen to as the beat progresses throughout the song. Something about these new sub-genres and the power they bring to the table is one good thing I am glad I got to discover this year.

Cant wait to hear more from Thicc Boy and the entirety of Headbang Society!

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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