ALIGN and Martina Lynn have teamed up to give us the type of love song you just don’t hear as often nowadays. “When I’m With You” is a feel good love song that really makes you feel all the right types of warm and fuzzy. If you’re not familiar with ALIGN, his real name is James Fisher. Originating out of Chicago, ALIGN’s musical style is of the genre bending type. It’s thought provoking, but also great for those situational aspects of life. And with traversing different genres, he never sticks with just one. There’s proof of this by hearing the pop/dance hybrid that is “When I’m With You”. Ambient textures and rhythmic chord progressions cascade along the track’s structure, creating a sonic blend of pristine elegance. Vocalist Martina Lynn sings stories of that “one true love”. It’s simply a track you’ll want to hold your significant other’s hand to, or even hold them close in a romantic embrace. ALIGN himself even had some words of his own on how this track came to be:

“I started writing this track by using some guitar plucks and experimenting with a soundscape. I wanted to create an ambient moment, then transition into more of a rhythmic beat. That soundscape became something that I could write chords on top of and develop a beat and melodies. I loved where it was going, but I knew it needed somebody’s story to accompany it. Martina seemed like the perfect fit for the vibe of this track.” – ALIGN

Photo courtesy of ALIGN Music

ALIGN wasn’t the only one to share his thoughts on the track; Vocalist Martina Lynn had this to say when coming up with the writing for the song:

“When I first heard the track, I was immediately intrigued to start writing and creating a melody for it because it was an upbeat, EDM type track that I wasn’t used to working with and I was up for the challenge. My manager, Jeremy Gentry and I spent so much time writing, rewriting and recording all via video call, which was such a challenging, vulnerable process but it was so rewarding. When it comes to the actual writing process, we were both drawn to the idea of creating a healthy and happy story of love for the track, because those seem so rare lately. I think everyone can relate to the idea of only being able to think of one person when it comes to love and being in love and wanting them because of the comfort they bring.” – Martina Lynn

Both artists surely put their collective efforts to good use, because with a stressful year like this, we could use a feel good song to life our spirits up. We’re excited to see what type of genre blending music ALIGN presents us with next, because we’re sure it’ll be awe-inspiring.

Be sure to “ALIGN” yourself with both ALIGN‘s and Martina Lynn‘s socials below



Martina Lynn


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