Fresh off the chopping block is a one outrageously amazing archaic track by Denmark based producer TIMIAN who created something that can only be compared to real works of art. “Aphrodite” is a sweet mix of both Midtempo and Electronica beats clashing into an insane beat. This is TIMIAN’s first release off of Nova Lotus Music and will not be the last!

Check out the link below to see how insane this DJ worked his magic into this track.

There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing a track with an unusual new beat. TIMIAN brought to life new instruments and new sounds that I have never even heard of before in an EDM track. The song begins with an orchestral of melodies which is both eerie and spectacular all wrapped up into just the first minute. You begin to hear the beat mesh into electronica while the melody still crumbs in the background. I cannot express how beautiful this piece is and how it progresses into a few ghostly vocals as well as the song continues. But right before the song ends it picks up and drops into a deep bass and ending with what sounds like waves crashing on the beach.

from TIMIAN’s Facebook

“Aphrodite was created to encapsulate the vibe and feel of the ancient goddess Aphrodite. The song seduces you into a slow and sensual rhythm, with the heroic power she holds. You will submerge in her ocean.”


Cannot wait to hear more by TIMIAN and Nova Lotus Music!


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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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