With 2020 almost coming to a close, we’ve come across one of the most fire EPs to end the year, and that comes in the form of Canna’s new Extragalactic EP. Hailing all the way from The Netherlands, young Dubstep artists Canna has been gaining traction in both the Dubstep and Riddim scene. You may have already heard some of his tracks, as he’s had releases on up and coming Dubstep labels such as Savage Society, Bewildered Productions and Interval Audio. These are just a few to the plethora of other labels Canna‘s had releases on. And throughout all of these releases, he’s quickly grown a tumultuous audience throughout the year. Now he’s ending 2020 with his own bang in this new 5 song EP, which will surely take you to infinity and beyond.


Photo courtesy of Halcyon Music

The EP begins with the EP’s title, “Extragalactic“. It starts off very bright and vibrant, before it drops into some heavy Bass. I’m especially fond of how this track makes me thing of beautiful colors that travel at the speed of light once the drop comes in. One might even describe it as beauty and the bass. ‘Starfall gives off a very heavier sound than the track that preceded it, and it always makes you feel as if you’re falling with tons of stars surrounding you. This new type of sound is welcoming to the ears, because it’s more than just Dubstep this time. It’s an variance of different sounds infused with Dubstep, but it makes for a satisfying listen nonetheless. ‘Jewels’ immediately reminded me of an F-Zero song from it’s beginning, but it doesn’t stay light-hearted for long, as this track instantly gives us the hardest drop of the EP thus far, giving off those Future Riddim/Dubstep vibes. I’m a huge fan of how Canna flawlessly fuses both beauty and bass together throughout this EP. This track is further proof of that seamless execution too.


Photo courtesy of Halcyon Music

‘Celestia’ takes us to a very chill place. Every track so far has given off the same vibe as it’s name implies. With ‘Celestia’, we are given a mellow, almost Future-Trap sound. It’s got nice exotic yet technical sounds to it, which enhances the listening pleasure even more. The final track, ‘Unbound’, starts of with serene sounds, before giving off addicting sampled vocals, which leads into a head bobbing beat that incorporates so many interesting electronic sounds. Canna surely has some production skills to be able to integrate so many different sounds within a song and still make it sound beautifully cohesive.

Canna has definitely made a huge wave in 2020, and after hearing this heavy hitting yet sonically diverse EP, we’re more than eager to see what’s next for this young producer’s career in 2021. So if you want even more Canna, check out both Canna and Halcyon‘s socials below.



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