As we’ve seen all year, GRL GANG is here to pave the way for womxn of all shapes, sizes, and sounds. They wished us all a Merry Christmas and sent us off to have a happy New Year with this diverse and upbeat Wreck The Halls Vol 1 compilation. If you’re unfamiliar with the collective turned powerhouse, you’re in for a serious treat. Their debut compilation, Riot! came out earlier this year and solidified the talent that was found and showcased by the collective.  With music from up and coming female and non-bianarys currently taking this industry by a storm, GRL GANG gives the womxn another push to spotlight with this beautiful Christmas compilation.

The comp opens up with “Mind Contrrl” by MADGRRL, with an upbeat synth intro that builds you up into an exciting dubstep track sure to pull you in and leave your mind under MADGRRL’s control.

The project slows down and gets a little deeper on VILLA’s “Need U”. With an ominous melody and vocals whispering to us, this track definitely gets you feeling something. It is an intense and moody track with the perfect placement of each element.

We get a smidge darker on this next track with Austeria & Zingara. “Shakuhachi” is not like anything you’ve ever heard before. A sinister and slow opening, that melts into some funky drum kicks to build right into a bass-heavy, but still melodic and futuristic sounding drop. This has to be my favorite track on the project, so unique and heavy hitting, the kind of music my holiday season needed.

Photo from GRL GANG’s Twitter

This next one, “Moontide” is another one for our bass lovers. Space.Wolf & Kerys keep it very soft and melodic until punching you with the drop and giving you that OG dubstep sound.

Dolltr!ck goes for a more light and airy take with “Reverie”. This track is full of upbeat and euphoric melodies that take you back to those timeless moments on a dance floor, or in a crowd at your favorite festival. 

Stepsisters speed things up a little on “Tuckfwelve”. Adding in some techno to this otherwise dubstep-focused project. Kicking up the BPM and going in for the perfect sprinkle of warehouse vibes we all desperately needed this Christmas. 

Last but certainly not least, Shmell takes us on a wild ride with “Beats Knockin”. This song was pieced together beautifully. Hitting you hard and deep, you can feel every beat in your chest. There were so many elements used in this song, placed together in such an amazing way it was an outstanding closing to this magnificent project. 

Photo From GRL GANG’s Twitter

GRL GANG proves once again that they are a collective full of powerful womxn, with out of this world talent. And this compilation is only a small fraction of the talent that lives under the GRL GANG name. JEANIE and her gang of womxn aren’t going to be slowing down for anyone any time soon, and this farewell to 2020 was their way of making us all very aware of that. 

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