Rising EDM producers, SAKA and SISKA, have wrapped up the year with their latest single, “Foxfire”. The two artists did a phenomenal job at uniting both of their signature sounds into a track that demonstrates their production skills reaching a higher level. It’s no doubt the two DJ’s are close friends judging by the way they put together a supersonic collaboration.

Photo taken from SAKA‘s Facebook.
Photo taken from SISKA‘s Twitter.

“Foxfire” shines light on the next chapter from both producers in the sense that their craft sounds more sharpened. The track kickstarts with a melodic tone that swirls into a futuristic bassline. The silence between each snare takes the listeners into an intriguing depth that will leave you wanting more. Surely enough, the second half of the track is driven by some heavy bass and funk that turns the whole vibe into an experimental groove intertwined with future beats. Be sure to keep up with both talented artists in 2021 if you want more creative twists that both SAKA and SISKA bring to the electronic scene. Click here to view all streaming portals, or listen to the track below via the Soundcloud link!


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Soundcloud | Twitter | instagram

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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