Starting the year off with a banging EP, NSD:Black Label welcomes an up and coming producer named Cripplingg with his Sucks EP. His name may seem familiar, as he has recently released a collab, “Stupid” with another NSD:BL artist Veer, and has track, “Colors,” on Oolacile’s Halcyon label. He is also part of the group of underground newcomers pushing the ‘future riddim’ sound, that you’ve sure heard of by now taking over the bass scene. He makes up one-fourth of The Holy Quartet, a collaborative of producers sure to set the scene on fire this year.

The track “Stuck” starts off with some melodic stabs that makes you feel as if you’re getting ready for the build up to an opening intro to your favorite video game. All the while a pulsating whipping snare quietly builds up in the background leading us to the drop. The drop switches things up like a Super Mario Power Star that is sure to get you lost in the sauce with its glitchy array and dive into the riddim soundscape. Fear not though, you get to catch your breathe and reassess your reality…at for 20 seconds…before Cripplingg smacks ya back upside the head and flips it back to all out riddim raunchiness.

When I was making the track “Stuck,” I wanted to combine something melodic alongside the usual riddim flow. I used melodies in intervals at the drop, followed by triplet notes, and felt that this combination gave the emotion and vibe I was looking for. As for the synthesizers of basses, I used harmor. I named the track “Stuck” because the track just got stuck in my head, so it seemed perfect. I also drank a coke and ate a big mac when I was making this, so I think that helped with the energy!


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Posted by:bryanna capoy

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