Space Wizard released a 3-track EP, The Marble Room, OUT NOW on Cyclops Recordings!

Picture Taken by Cris Clayton

Space Wizard blasted us into the new year with some MASSIVE tunes that take you on a ride; a journey through time and space. An adventure, into, The Marble Room. The EP contains 3 tracks that have a plethora of sounds created by the electronic experimenter. The EP also consists of a collaboration by MOLOKAI; so let’s dive into these tracks shall we?

The first track on, The Marble Room, EP was an original named after the EP, “The Marble Room.” The song begins with an array of eerie electrical sounds coming through your speakers, as the low end bass rolls through and fills the room. As the song plays out, you notice the eerie-ness increased in intensity as you’re met with the drop. The drop seeps under your skin; encapsulating you in your seat while bobbing your head around the room. I love this track, as I felt my feet thumping the ground as I wobbled back and fourth. This is definitely one I’m excited to hear rinsed on a live rig one day; as I know you will be too.

Next up on the EP is a collaboration with MOLOKAI called, “Deactivation Sequence.” It begins with another set of eerie sounds and melodies; as you’re met with a man whom seems to be calling from a space suit, saying, “My mind is going..I can feel it..” The song takes a turn about halfway through as the second drop gets down and wobbly; with a side of wonk, on the plate of wubs and dubs. “Deactivation Sequence,” has a meticulous blend of melodies that really drew my attention. This was definitely more of the wonky side but rest assured, we are all here for it! With this being one of the few released on Cyclops Recordings, this track definitely suits the style they seem to be going for.

The last song on The Marble Room is “Corrupt Butterflies.” The song starts with an array of sounds that build up, keeping you on your toes until the drop. The drop consists of a voice saying, “Corrupted Butterflies,” as you’re taken on a ride through different dimensions surrounded by sounds unnatural to the ear. I loved this song as I felt myself wobbling around the room taking out my spirit fingers and dashing wizardry anywhere I went.

Picture Taken from Space Wizard’s Instagram

All-in-all The Marble Room EP was an absolute success. From wobbles to wubs, the EP takes you on an adventure no one will be ready for and you’ll want to take again and again.

Be sure to preview the EP down below if you haven’t done so already!

Space Wizard

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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