Truvian Grey…or as many know as HU₵₵I, the U.K.-based audio engineer, has outdone himself yet again; releasing two new tracks under his newer alias. One of the two songs is a collaboration with his life-long friend, Ruidahh; a madman behind the mic along with some production experience under his belt as well. The other track released is an original from Truvian, “The Downs,” so lets see what these tracks are all about shall we? Sit back and relax as we dive into these releases together.

Picture Taken by Nathen Lane

The first release like mentioned above, was a collaboration between Oliver and Ruidahh, “Different.” The song starts off with what sounds like a guitar strumming some chords, as a voice surfaces saying different sounds leading into the rest of the song. The song plays out as Ruidahh talks about someone, “Knowing me so well.. you do this for the fame and the music.. I do this for my family and friends and to make them proud in the end..I’m sick of sending out songs, and not getting any response..this one is here for the dons that held me down and believe in Roz..” The vocals continue to play, portraying two different sides to the same reasons someone is doing what they’re doing. Some do what they do for the money and fame while some do it for the passion; for their friends and family. For their legacy. It’s apparent Truvian wants all his friends to do what they love to feed their family; and I’m all here for it. Nothing makes me more happy than supporting someone’s project who’s vision is to have everyone succeed towards their goals. Both Truvian and Ruidahh crushed this one.

The other release that surfaced was an original by Truvian, “The Downs.” The song begins with Truvian talking about someone, “Driving me crazy,” as you’re met with the drop a little bit later in the track. The beat is consistent throughout the song; blending with an array of melodies and snares that keep your head bobbing as the music fills the room. This gave me vibes and energy much resembling like The Weeknd. The song seems to portray that the vocalist (Truvian) is going through a tough time after losing someone that can be unmatched like anyone else. I enjoyed this as you can hear some similarity in his sounds in the background much like his main project, HU₵₵I. Definitely one to take a listen to. Anyone who loves to sit back, spark up a joint and go for a ride would enjoy this, as it can appeal to may whom enjoy electronic music on various sides of the spectrum.

Picture Taken by Cormac Creative Photography

All-in-all, the two latest releases under Truvian Grey have been worth taking notice; as more and more surface under Olivers’ side alias. Truvians’ collaboration with Ruidahh really showed me the vision him and his friends are after; a vision that should be the norm. A vision of reaching those goals, TOGETHER, AS FAMILY.

Be sure to preview the latest releases if you haven’t done so already!

Truvian Grey

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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