Everyone’s favorite wompy and wubbed out label, Wakaan takes us on another psychedelic journey with Krischvn and NXSTY‘s latest track, “Ketamine.” While Krischvn is no stranger to the liquid label, this marks NXSTY’s Wakaan debut and the collab is the perfect welcoming party.

So let’s dive in!

Starting off the sounds take you on a mysterious trip into the depths of the Forest of Wonderment and Psychedelics. A wooden flute with the catchiest of melodies is introduced to bridge the beginning of this journey before that sample hits like a full grown Clydesdale Horse kicking ya right in the chest…this ones gonna make ya take a SEAT with its NXTSYness. Krischvn and NXSTY waste no time hooking you in and they keep you trapped in that k-hole of a drop in pure bewilderment of all the different sounds being automated around your head. The drop switches about midway through to become a straight bass bop that is sure to make anyone groove along. Then that OOOH so sweet wooden flute comes back in to help refocus that energy before fully re-harnessing it like a solar panel and releasing it up back into the second drops chopped up madness.

Peep for yourself below though!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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