Both BrunchBeatz and Redrum perform spectacularly on the sweet and raw “Souffle,” a future-bass masterpiece with drops that will pull at your emotions. The synths in the drops just have this certain weight and feeling to them, and the way they’ve been put together, each drop is like a pull right on your heart-strings. The two artists are coming off an impactful 2020, and this is a track we can expect to hear more of over the summer as the vibe fits that summertime feeling almost perfectly. Click that play button, sit back, and relax, as both artists showcase their talents!

The vocals coupled over the piano and that synth that follows gives this such a summertime blast type of vibe that it literally caught me up in missing the summer and enjoying festivals and shows and everything that came with raving. Even as melancholy as the track can be by bringing up old memories, it’s even more exciting, sweet and upbeat when the drops come along. “Souffle” is an absolute treat, and I couldn’t be more enraptured by the track and all the emotions and memories and everything that it brings up. I can’t wait to see if we get another piece from Brunch and Redrum, but for now, I’m moving this one to the playlists.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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