Arizona-native Yewz shines once again, this time on his aptly-named newest release “Money.” “Money” showcases Yewz‘ sound design and ability to flesh out a fresh take on bass music, this time with a groovy melody in the drops that goes off, but with a little bit of funk to it. The track itself is centered around getting money, and the vocals only double-down on that, adding another layer to that “get your money right” mindset this track is putting into your head. Run that play button ’til it’s broken, Yewz went innnn on this one.

The brass in this adds that 2012-2014 trap vibe, but there’s also like 4-5 other genres I’m getting vibes from as well. The whole track is really purely centered on “Money,” and the drops without words speak to the hype of getting your money up, as well as delivering the hype of getting you to that first dolla-dolla bill of the day. “Money” is coming right after the dope track “Oop,” a collab by Yewz and Thicc Boy, and was a testament to what Yewz can pull off when creating bass music. Both tracks deserve a solid listen through, so make double-sure to try out some new music as well as following Yewz on his socials linked below!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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