ABDUKT‘s newest single, out now on Hot out the Oven Records, is criminally good. Giving off this otherworldly vibe, “Crash” combines hypnotic synths over somewhat spooky and unsettling drops to expertly craft a feeling of “I’m fucked” for the listener. This dubstep track is filled with sounds that will grab your attention, as well as a lethal first drop that stutters and slams bass in your face. If you have anything around you, move it! Pressing the play button WILL launch you into a fit of rage, and of course I encourage you to do so.

In a way, the Abduktion feels extremely real. Starting off with “Crash”‘s intro, there’s a riser in there simulating us rising into the spaceship and the drop blasts us off into the depths of space. There’s even a little bit of laser action in the drops, further simulating an extraterrestrial visit. I found myself raging out to that second drop pretty hard, especially with the hype build up that Abdukt had going on. Even so, that second drop is giving off “grit your teeth in anger” vibes and it’s hard not to fuck with it. Good work, Abdukt! Straight to the playlist.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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