HEAR YE HEAR YE! The Knights of the Round Table gather once again for some Medieval Madness. Disciple has called their Knights together for one HELL of a compilation, and it is our HONOR to premiere “Smack Dat” by Jiqui.

Jiqui may be a name you have heard of recently, as he recently released on Cyclop Recordings BOOT CAMP – HEAVY ARTILLERY EP, as well as releasing his own EP, Shadow Dance, which came out via NSD: Black Label. Jiqui, who hails out of Vancouver, British Columbia, is without a doubt on the forefront of the new futuristic sound design that is taking the bass scene by storm, and “Smack Dat” only solidifies that opinion further.

Photo from Jiqui

Smack Dat is basically me trying out new sounds and experimenting with different styles. I had the intro already made and had spent hours searching for a pre-drop vocal, and as soon as I came across the one that’s in the song, I knew exactly what kind of flow I wanted to do for the drop. Also, the track was originally at 165BPM but Faytal suggested I move it to 150 and it just stuck after that. 


Diving straight in the deep end of pure vibes, “Smack Dat” hooks you in instantly with it’s building vivacity as that sweet “Ohhh” samples tease in and out to make it a certified bop. But as those sounds come to a winding halt, they are replaced with some certified freshness. The sounds and sample manipulation is truly a welcome innovation on where the future of the genre is beginning to grow towards. A track that will easily have you adding it to your playlists in haste and “smacking dat” replay button over and over.

Photo from Jiqui

I always love releasing with Disciple because I’ve been following them ever since they initially launched the label and some of my favorite artists (Barely Alive, PhaseOne, Virtual Riot) all release here, so it feels pretty awesome to be releasing on the same label as these guys.


Pre-save Disciple Round Table Vol. 4 OUT 1.15.21

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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