Swrvo is a name that should sound familiar if you have been paying any attention to the trap game the past few years. He has released with the homies over at Hybrid Trap as well as notched quite a few collabs of trap bangers under his belt. Those collabs include QUIET1, Michael Sparks and none other than Hydraulix on the classic “Ghostface.” His latest release “Recognize” keeps up those trends while offering an enticing take on the genre.  

Starting off with a winding synth that sounds like a snake slithering through the grass paired with a punchy snare, “Recognize” makes its way to the drop seamlessly, while prepping you for the absolute groove that is to come. “YALL BETTER RECOGNIZE” hits as the track takes the sounds from before and twists them into straight insanity with chops, growls, breaks and everything in-between, as if that same snake is now feeding on its prey. A brief reprieve is offered as the bass fades down and that winding synth takes back the center stage. That break doesn’t last long though as Swrvo truly wants you to “Recognize” the talent he has been harvesting with the second drop going even more wild than the first. Peep for yourself to feel the energy while simultaneously grooving. Job well done Swrvo. 

“I wanted to showcase my love for sound design & my love for hip hop rhythm. This record is my statement to who ever is listening. That I am coming in hot, y’all better Recognize.”

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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