The powerhouse pair Duke & Jones have blessed us with their first single of the year titled “Walk Away.” The UK-based duo, widely known for their cutting-edge blend of genres, teamed up with fellow singer/songwriter Nicole Millar. With her divine vocals and the meaning behind them, the track is even more striking.

Both the incredible instrumentation and lyrics combined in the beginning embarks its listeners into a melodic journey. The mellowed out aura throughout the tune waves itself into airy synths. Some of the lyrics like, “My heart is already damaged, Need a moment before I leave, If I blink my eyes I can see, The numbness in my head” takes a whole new meaning to how complicated relationships can be. By the first drop, “Walk Away” is turned up a notch with some DnB, amplifying the sub-bass lines. To finish it off, the second drop is even more intricate and vibrant that it sheds light on how space-age both the track and artists are. Listen to the track below via Souncloud if you haven’t or click here to view all streaming portals.

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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