YUNG VEER does it again.

You may remember the name from one of our previous Premieres, when Veer took NSD: Black Label by storm with his Malfunction EP. This time he is back at it accompanied by his Insidious Crew, as they release their Insidious Vol. 1 Compilation. The comp sees the assembling of five rising bass superstars in Veer, Maahir, Blatzer, Invoy, and Voysol for an Avengers level team up. The homies over at FUXWITHIT preimered Voysol’s track this past Monday you can check it already from the comp, and Invoy’s is up on SoundCloud. The full Insidious Vol. 1 will be out THIS Friday, 1.22.21, so make sure to pre-save!

Now let dive in…bruhhhhhh.

Drawing you in instantly Veer wastes no time to get the momentum going on “Bruh Moment,” using that bruhhhhh sample to perfection. It is that very sample that introduces us to the lunacy of a drop that is starting to become simultaneous with Veer’s name. As the track de-evoles it’s tones through manipulated madness, some of the sounds Veer introduced us to on his Malfunction EP are trickled throughout to add that extra spiciness to the sauce. About halfway through the track that melody that drew us in from the beginning is repeated then speed TF up to bring us to the second drop. It is here the songs fully develops into Veer perfection, with a plethora of sounds and samples sprinkled throughout that will have you hitting the repeat just to try to break down every little piece of information your ears just received. Veer continues to keep blowing our minds and were excited for what all 2021 has in store for the artist!

About the song “Bruh Moment”, I wrote the song as a small challenge, just like the rest of my music. I like to challenge myself while making music, like using only one random sound or a random sample I find and trying to make a drop out of it and if I like the drop, I build the track around it. The track “Bruh Moment” started just like that.  This is one of my favorite tracks that I’ve made in a while now and I am so hyped for everyone to listen to it on Insidious Vol. 1 along with the rest of the songs on the compilation. 

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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