Flux Pavilion has dominated the bass world for longer than my rave career has existed. He has multiple festival bangers under his belt like “I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Cannon”. Both tracks that were a true pleasure to hear when you’re heading banging with your friends in sweaty crowds of fellow ravers. While also playing stages at all our favorite fests from EDC to Imagine Music to Electric Zoo for the last 10+ years without ever disappointing, Flux Pavilion has definitely made himself a pioneer in the bass music community. 

Last Monday Flux tweeted “I am no longer a dubstep person.” with which he replied the pre-save link for .wav. This hints us to believe we are in for a whole new Flux on this project, and the expectations should be high. Flux guides us through a ride of emotions and euphoria from beginning to end on this 16 track sophomore project on Circus Records.

Singles from the album “You & I”, “I Believe” and “Sink Your Teeth In” were Flux’s very subtle ways of showcasing his shift in sound. Being done with dubstep might’ve been a better treat for us than Flux would’ve ever imagined. These three tracks are full of heavy-feeling lyrics and beautiful melodic elements that alluringly prepare you for the work of art that Flux had in the makings for us. 

One of the very important things to me about this project is the enthralling choice in collaborations. They make this project so much more exciting than it already is. We first hear a feature from Feed Me on “Survive” which is a light and melodic track with uplifting vocals from Meesh to sing you all the way through. We also hear a collaboration with What So Not & Chain Gang Of 1974 on “20:25” which features calming vocal melodies over a funky bass line. My personal favorite of the album is the collaboration with Chime on “Fall To Me”. This is a futuristic sounding melody with dreamy lyrics and angelic vocal chords sure to drag you all the way through your feelings. 

“Endless Fantasy”, “I Will Stay”, “Somebody Else” and “Love” are the balance of love songs this feeling-invoking album needed to keep on beat. Upbeat melodies with enticing lyrics and vocals that make you want to melt into your lovers arms. We really see the emotions from the album on these tracks, they are more than just your average love songs. But about wanting to be able to love, wanting to be loved, and the love that jealousy brings to us unintentionally.

He approaches a slower and softer take with tracks “Every Cable Goes Somewhere”, which opens the project on a slow and eerie future-bass vibe, “Lion’s Cage”, “Twitterbird”, and “Breathe”. This gives you time between the deeper tracks to absorb the artistry that this project truly is. “Symphony” is on the slower side of things along with these four tracks, but the vocals on this one draws you a bit deeper, like Flux plugged his feelings into your headphones and lets you connect to them in your own personal way. 

I think Flux does an amazing job of letting the fans feel what he’s feeling on this project. He let us know that he was done with dubstep, but this album was written in such a beautiful way, the story is much bigger than switching genres or leaving one behind. It’s about what music makes you feel when you write it. It’s about what your fans feel when they hear it. Some artists dream of the day they’re able to release a project as this one, and can only hope for positive responses. Hats off to Flux Pavilion for opening up to us on this album, and letting us see a part of his creativity we’ve never before experienced. I hope everyone takes the time to appreciate this album in its entirety. As it is truly a masterpiece.

You can see Flux bring his album live performance show to the world for the very first time, with guitar, synth and singing. Fans can enjoy the Flux Pavilion .wav album launch livestream on February 5th and 6th (depending on location) in partnership with Moment House. The livestream will be broadcast to North and South America, Asia Pacific, and the UK & Europe, and include a full visual show, as well as the fan submitted audio clips from the “Flux Needs Your Wav” website. Tickets & full stream information can be found here.

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