We are happy to introduce you to a rising up-and-comer you may not have gotten the opportunity to hear just yet, LINKER. LINKER, real name Liron, is a 24 year old musician who has been making electronic music for around 9 years. He already has some label releases under his belt as well with Firepower Records, Dubstep Gutter and his latest release, the Doomsday EP, has found its home at Juize Box.

It is our pleasure to Premiere the titular track “Doomsday.”

Prepare yourself for Armageddon. Setting the tone of straight destruction out the gate LINKER doesn’t hesitate with the lethality on this one. Letting us know “I got no feelings involved” as the track’s energy explodes like an atom bomb. “Doomsday” will easily induce extreme head banging so make sure your neck is fully prepped for this one. Oh and oof the second drop…just when you thought Linker wasn’t going to go any crazier that bass hits like a kamikaze straight to the dome. You have been fully warned. We cant wait to peep the FULL Doomsday EP out Jan. 25, 2021 so make sure yall hit that pre-save!

This EP was so much fun to produce – I actually made the title track “Doomsday” much earlier than I did the rest of the songs, which were probably several months later.

I’m so happy to release it with Juize Box, I’ve been following this label for a long while and I love all their branding and the music they put out. I mostly tried making as many synths as I can – combining small ideas into full songs and ended up making this EP.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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