Axel Boy & Blossom are two very unique artists with such specifics and fun sounds, the two of them coming together on a track was bound to be something magical. And having home like Do Not Duplicate Records, BIJOU’s always satisfying record label, we are in for a spicy lil tune. 

Axel Boy & Blossom bring the ultimate VIBES on this newest release “What They Say”. The kind of track you have to move your body and singalong to. Groovy and upbeat basslines while Samara’s intoxicating vocals sing you all the way through this funky masterpiece. The songwriting by Chuck Tour hits every vibe, and Samara’s voice flows so delightfully with it all. 

You can still hear the individual styles from each artist but it’s extremely refreshing to hear collabs like this that flow so well together. A very enraptured sounding track sure to put anyone in the best of moods.

Be sure to keep up with Axel Boy & Blossom on all social medias for more funky greatness.

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Posted by:Mangz

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