Australian artist BADVOID‘s return is marked with a chill-inducing vocal/drop combo that doubles down on a dark and haunting sound atmosphere. “Sing Me To Sleep” is BADVOID‘s second of two releases with Enforce Records, and it perfectly picks up where the aggressive and chaotic “Anarchy” with Nikademis left off. Every second of this mid-tempo heater adds to an already extremely tense environment, building and creating 2 groovy yet ghastly drops. Run the play button, maybe walk through a cemetery, and get captivated in the journey BADVOID brings with “Sing Me To Sleep”!

BADVOID, f.k.a. Notorious Chris, shows why he’s one of the next big things down under. The glitchy and impactful dark orchestral mid tempo sound of BADVOID is impressing to say the least, and “Sing Me To Sleep”‘s almost haunting use of vocals that sing “Sweet Dreams” and “Sing Me to Sleep” in a spooky, dark manner deliver so expertly alongside the tense atmosphere created. This track is overflowing with atmospherical, orchestral sounds and vibes layered throughout, and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine already. “Sing Me to Sleep” is a fantastic showcase of what BADVOID brings to the table, and should be considered an indicator for what the 2021 year will bring out from him and his team.

Make sure to follow BADVOID on his socials linked below!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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