The collaborative EP between NotLö and VEIL has been released and I am still stuck in outer space. These two ladies showed no mercy in their 2-tracks, taking listeners into their mind and blasting off into their personal universe. “Exoplanet” is delivered piping hot by iconic bass label, WAKAAN.

Titled track “Exoplanet” has a rhythm that’s bumps even phatter when that bass comes in, creating a wicked groove that tickles your ears in all the right places. VEIL + NotLö‘s mixture of deep sounds and percussion give “Someday” a dark, grungy sound that is sure to rumble your speakers and brain. The EP lays it out for the listeners and showcases the raw talent these two up and coming female producers have to give. 2021 is full of opportunity and these two have put themselves ahead of the game with this killer release.

‘We are both in awe of getting to work with the other; a reciprocal feeling of respect and admiration. Collaborating on this EP is just an introduction to this new ‘Exoplanet’ — where bass frequencies and boss ladies VEIL and NotLo reign supreme.🛸


VEIL leads her own collective, Street Ritual, highlighting the underground American bass scene while pushing the boundaries in the bass scene herself with a divine feminine touch. VEIL is a familiar face to the Wakaan family, her EP “Summons” was released just 3 months ago! NotLö is a rising act that has been making her way to the eyes and ears of of many bass enthusiasts. Drawing from her experience as a queer woman in electronic music, she uses her platform to bring awareness to the issues that matter most to her and her message, “inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, and love,”

“We are both so happy that we got to work with each other, especially both being females in a male dominated scene. We can’t wait to take you to our dark and thrilling exoplanet.”



Facebook | Twitter Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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