Oh TroyBoi, where shall we even begin? A true OG to say the least. This trap GOD continues to prove there is just no one who does it like he does. I still remember falling in love with TroyBoi at EDC Las Vegas 2016 at the Basspod. I had always loved hearing his songs played out but I never got to experience TroyBoi and everything he was until THAT moment. And it was that moment I realized I was never gonna get enough of TroyBoi. The announcement of V!BEZ VOL 4 revived a part of me I forgot existed. One doesn’t simply “forget” about TroyBoi, but you do re-ignite that exhilaration you once felt when you first discovered an artist. 

TroyBoi gave us our first taste of V!BEZ VOL 4 earlier this week with the release of “Bellz”, a modern day trap revamp of Anita Ward’s 1979 track “Ring My Bell”. This is the TroyBoy we all know and love! Taking a classic and reshaping it into an elementally-intoxicating new work of art. 

TroyBoi cracked the code and has figured out a way to produce something beautiful and completely his own every time he releases. There’s something so familiar yet completely invigorating on tracks like “Eyez On Me”. Featuring mesmerizing vocals from Nina Sky, fitting perfectly with that authentic ToryBoi sound. 

TroyBoi’s use of percussion and other elements is like that of no other. His ability to layer multiple elements from sounds influenced from all over the world, while still creating enjoyable music is untouchable. You experience this on “Corneta” featuring Tropkillaz. A diverse blend of those worldly influences TroyBoi sprinkles so well over familiar sounds and elements to make the perfect balance of trap and reggaeton.

Promo from V!BEZ VOL 3

TroyBoi hit it right on this nose with this 7-piece project. No track sounding the same, but every note hitting your body with the same intensity. Even the slower and more relaxed tracks like “On My Own” & “Clear Waters” pull the secret trap lover out of anyone. Featuring angelic vocals and more of those diversely influenced elements to create and finish off an across the board piece of work. 

Being able to reconnect with the artists that made me fall in love with this world has been such a blessing these last few months. Even though times have been tough, and we’re all begging for life to return to the way it once was, I feel like artists are being pushed to their most creative selves. They have the time, and passion again, to fully dive into their work and give us more than just something we wanna hear played at the club. As a true lover of music and full supporter of artists, it fills my heart to hear the progression alongside the necessary consistency. 

2021 has been a beautiful year for music so far and I can only hope to hear more from ToryBoi and maybe a new mix, I can’t be the only one dying for a TroyBoi mix after diving into this project, right? 

Listen to the entire V!BEZ series:





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