Debut EPs are usually great pieces of work. Artists want to show out, prove they’re worthy of the fans they have and deserving of more. Prove they’re more than just a DJ but a producer who can produce an entire body of work. NOW with that being said, this particular debut EP blew me completely away. Black Carl! dove right in and never looked back when creating Mixed Signals.

The EP opens with a slow and mystifying track, “Disrupt”, that draws your curiosity right in. Intoxicating vocals over euphoric melodies that almost hypnotize you before the completion of the first track. “Mixed Signals”, the title track of the EP, follows up with the same intoxicating feel but speeds us up a little. Who is Black Carl? Why in the world has it taken me this long to stumble upon his musical journey? And why the hell is it so good? 

The 4 track EP is so perfectly balanced with just the right amount of…exactly what I needed. The closing tracks of the project “Mind” and “Act Up” both bring their own unique feel to this extremely artistic EP. Intense reverberating sounds and touches of angelic vocal samples to truly tie it all together. 

Finding new artists is my favorite part of anyday, so being able to stumble upon an artist’s debut project and it to be as magnificent as this is truly a pleasure. I won’t be missing anything from Black Carl! in the future, that’s for certain!

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Posted by:Mangz

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