A breath of crisp air comes onto the scene as BONSAI Collective co-founder capshun, Sasha Rome, and Afrosamuraiist team together to create DENALI, a label focusing on the hard-hitting sounds of Bass, D&B, House and others. “Denali” is the tallest mountain in North America, the tallest peak in our country. I see the symbolism that formed. For the label to have that point and peak be a representation of the label, mean to always keep reaching and achieving for those high peaks throughout your journey. The (for now) label wants to spotlight the North American music scene in a more ways than just a releases. When asked what the label offers to their artists, this what Sasha Rome had to say..

“To grow the label we will use the connections and knowledge we’ve built up running BONSAI the last three years… We’ve built a large network over the years that we’ll tap into for each release, releasing just once per month so we can dedicate all our resources to that particular release each month. We’ll also be giving those artists’ opportunities to do interviews, Instagram takeovers, Q&As, release mixes through us and more opportunities in the future. Eventually when shows open again artists who release with us will also get preferential treatment for bookings.”

-Sasha Rome, co-founder of DENALI
Demos are now open and you can submit to here – denalirecs@gmail.com

The news doesn’t stop there! With the start of the label, Denali releases an experimental track that is sure to engulf you into its arms. This track provided by Muira, is SURELY out of this realm and is a great kick-off to the label! The choppy yet melodic vocals make for a contagious sound and the synths just melt you into the soundscape.

Stream “Aethesis” on all platforms here


Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter


Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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