Written by Erik Gonzalez

Young and talented producer Oskar Rindborg, aka Osrin, is back together with vocalist WILHELM dropping their latest EMI Sweden track. The highly anticipated single, titled “Highway”, follows one of the pairs last collaboration, “Left To Try”, released a little over 7 months ago. Likewise, “Highway” is one of many productions the two have delivered under the trail-blazing label, STMPD RCRDS. The single will surely have you wanting to blast it while cruising with friends. If you’re not too familiar with Osrin or WILHELM and their captivating pieces, now is the time to give them a listen.

Photo taken from Osrin’s Facebook.

The single, as mentioned before is undeniably high-powered. In an interview, Osrin shares how both himself and WILHELM can easily come to an agreement on how “‘Highway’ is connected to so many summer memories… The song came about very naturally, and we even recorded all the vocals with our friends in the room, which to me makes it feel even more genuine.” The song can be described as an uptempo tune that feels animated in the sense that it’s full off life. The radiant bassline corresponds perfectly with the several bass reverbs that are placed throughout the single. Be sure to give the dancy track a listen right now via the YouTube link below!

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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