Kenzi Sway, a well-known bass artist out of North Texas, released another ground-breaking track with Neko Savvy & Icon South, OUT NOW across all music platforms; including a music video on her Youtube channel! Lets dive into the track shall we?

The track starts off with a set of melodies that give off an eerie tone, as a man talks about how he, “Doesn’t want to say what they had was nothing.. that that was all I ever known, keep blowing up my phone…that I’m better off alone,” as the build-up increases in intensity as you’re met with the drop. A drop with massive electronic noises and screeches compiled together to bring you the destruction left from the drop. As something I’ve noticed about bass music, is that listeners love the screeches in bass music; as if the sounds release something from within them. To anyone who loves eerie bass music, this ones for you.


On top of the banger of a track collaborated with Icon South and Neko Savvy, surfaced a music video for the song! I loved the music video especially, as those eerie vibes came out. You see Kenzi go crazy in her head; along with destroying a car in the process! The video starts out with those melodies; showing an aerial clip over a plethora of dead trees as you are led into the first set of vocals as stated above. I think incorporating certain colors throughout the video adds more depth and emotion towards the video. I noticed a lot of red, which can be a symbol for a handful of emotions or meanings; frustration, anger, aggressiveness, and so forth. I acquired an immense amount of frustration and anger, along with a little bit of confusion, feeling for Kenzi in the video; as you see her go through a rollercoaster of emotions. The video overall was superb in what the song was trying to portray.

All-in-all, Kenzi’s song, “Destroy Me,” with Neko Savvy and Icon South is one to preview for yourself! There’s a lot of depth in this song in regards to the emotion it portrays and believe it’ll resonate in everyone, in their own way. On top of the legendary track, came an outstanding music video that portrayed the emotions that much more.. visually, one might add.

Be sure to watch the video on Youtube along with the song OUT NOW on all platforms!

Kenzi Sway

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Icon South

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Nekko Savvy

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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