Coka Cobra & Walschlager team up on the adventurous “Drop This”, out on DIVERGE RECORDS, a bass-house track chock-full of interesting, ear-catching sounds and combinations. Leading you off with the intro being in reverse, you’re slowly dropped into the thick of this track before what feels like a seamless transition from build-up to drop. The drops are incorporating a plethora of different and hype sounds, literally yanking at the attention of the listener and keeping you focused on the sound throughout. Intense and extremely danceable, “Drop This” has found itself on repeat for me, and I’m thoroughly in love with each new thing I find in each listen. Run the play button ’til it’s smoking, this one’s so worth it.

These drops are almost literally injecting energy into me each listen, and each sound is coming through crisper than chips. I’d have to say my favorite part of the track is in each drop, there’s this sound that could be a synth lead(?) but whatever the case, it comes in just at the right time and feels like it fits perfectly. A BIG fan of the vocals on this, and the seemingly random interjections that come in during the drops as well.

Coka Cobra has also put out “Wind Up“, a track I previously covered on the site and one that I definitely recommend you check out if you’re digging what the Vancouver-based artist and Walschlager did here. Make sure to follow the two artists on their socials linked below!

Connect with Coka Cobra

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Walschlager

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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