2021 has been an astronomical year so far for music. Artists new and old are coming out with some of their best works of art, and it’s only February. Up and coming bass artist Yewz is no exception. Based out of Mesa, Arizona, producer Chase March has been working to solidify his space in the bass world. And he does exactly that with this 3 track-EP.  A flawlessly sculpted ~10 minutes of wonky bliss. Named perfectly, Stank Face is the bass lover’s dream. From the moment you press play the bouncy sounds pump through you almost slapping you in the face with the stank. 

Title track “Stank Face” premiered earlier on Thursday, and is a distorted paradise of sounds. Liquid sounding bass that hits every beat in just the right spot with hyping vocals to keep your energy up and Stank Face alive through the entire track. 

Yewz hits so many different angles on this EP while still maintaining that “stank-y” bass energy all the way through. We hear features from Lowkea on “One, Two” and “Creator” who helps Yewz attack these different angles. The upbeat and perfectly flowing lyrics tie this project together in a direction I didn’t see coming. 

Yewz Twitter

“The road to this EP has felt like an endless journey. I probably wrote 3 different EPs worth of music before the Stank Face EP really came together, mostly because I was trying to find a good balance between making crazy sounds and making music that makes you want to party. I actually met Lowkea on Runescape, and after that our collaborations just fell into place. Hearing his insane flow and lyrics over the beats I sent him was like flipping a switch; I just instantly knew those songs fit. As for the title track, well.. it’s meant to be pretty self explanatory. The Stank Face EP is my first stop on my journey of making music of all kinds, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”


Yewz seems to have a lot up his sleeve, and this EP with Electric Hawk was just our first taste. This bass prodigy is an artist to watch, we’re very excited to hear how Yewz follows up this EP.

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